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After three deaths in three years parents in one North County community say enough is enough and want to take action to stop students from abusing drugs or alcohol.

A town hall meeting was held at Templars Hall in Poway Thursday night for community members to address drug and alcohol problems affecting students at Poway High School.























Some participants had to stand outside in the cold because there wasn't enough room inside.

One former student talked about his problems with drugs and alcohol.

"Just bad decisions.. smoking and drinking,"said Wyatt Gray.

Many parents said they are frightened for their own children, because of what has happened over the past three years. During that time three students havedied and in some way drugs or alcohol played a role.

"The parents need to open their eyes, and really understand that this can happen to their family,"said Sherrie Rubin.

Her son is a former Poway High Student who suffered severe brain damage after overdosing on prescription medication in 2005.

During the town hall meeting parents also talked about taking proactive steps to keeping their kids safe, like getting immediate notifications whenever there is an arrest on campus, and creating "drug free zones" where students can hang out.

"We've got to come together as a community and fight this problem, once we come together we can tackle it," said organizer Steve Vaus.

The principal of Poway High School also attended the meeting and says the school district is doing everything possible to keep the kids safe. But he welcomes any help from parents.

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Published at 7:01 AM PDT on Jan 20, 2012

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