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We all want to help our children, friends and loved ones when they are struggling. 


When it comes to prescription medication, drug and alcohol abuse we as parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and friends are not trained in the field of addiction.  Addiction is a disease

requires treatment from trained professionals.  If love could cure addiction there wouldn't be 23 million people suffering from it in the U.S. 


The following links and information on this page will help educate you on the disease of addiction and lead you to help, support and treatment for a loved one struggling with addiction.  The reality is that despite our best efforts we can not help our loved ones consumed by addiction until they choose to recover or are mandated by the justice system to enter a recovery program. What we can and must do is  help ourselves.  


Its difficult to maintain our  emotional, physically and mental health surrounded by the chaos and drama an addict brings into our lives.  It is necessary to reach out for support for our well being. You are not alone.   If  you'd like to  speak with a parent who has walked in your shoes and has experienced the challenges of a addicted child , click here  "Parent2Parent" to connect with them. While they are not professionals in the field of addiction they can listen and share their experiences and techniques of survival while loving an addict.  A compassionate, understanding voice to provide emotional support.

Another great resource is the "Addicts Mom" a social network community group where you can share your struggles of dealing with an addicted child or the tragic loss of one without stigma or shame.





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